Aspire Digital Altitude Business System Reviewed – Is ASPIRE A Scam?

Aspire Digital Altitude Business System

Digital Altitude Aspire Digital Altitude is a online marketing firm founded by a former Marine, Michael Force. It works as an online training course for digital entrepreneurs. Going by our Aspire Digital Altitude review, the course is designed to improve your range of online marketing skills through tools, mentorship, coaching, and training.
The products offered by Aspire Digital Altitude have mountainous terminologies like Base, Ascend, Peak, Rise, and Apex. The course is structured to ensure that you’ve become a guru by the time you hit the ‘Apex’ category. The multi-level marketing segment of the business allows the members to get direct income by referring friends to the training programs.
The payments range from a few dollars at the base level to about $10,000-12,000 at the Apex level. In the process of closing deals a more experienced person, usually, your coach can help you at a percentage of your commission. The business systems work globally and it’s mostly it’s predicated on your ability to drive traffic.

Digital Altitude Products

The Digital altitude program, has distributed its products across different levels on the virtual mountain that you have to climb. Their products include:

Aspire, Digital Business Sales System: This level costs between $37-67. Being the entry level, it provides you with personal coaches, networking, and live chat with other members. There is also back-end products, training videos, payroll services, and live support.

Base, Digital Business Mastery Course: This level costs from $397. At this level, you’ll learn how to set up business systems, build a brand, and manage financial projections. It has the practical components of how to set up and manage business systems and many other skills rarely taught in business schools.

Rise Digital Marketing Mastery Course: This level costs about $1,497. The Rise level deals with business systems unique to digital entrepreneurship and growth. You’ll learn how some of the systems needed to run a digital business are radically different from how you sue them to run brick and mortar firms.

Ascend Digital Business Profit Workshop: This course goes for $6,997. If you join at this level, then you are entitled to a 3-day course taking place in Las Vegas. The course is taught by Michael Force and includes insights, Q&As, and training from other world business leaders.

Peak Business Prosper Retreat: This course level costs $11,997. Joining at the peak level entitles you to a 5-day all-inclusive retreat for two where you get tutorship from Michael Force and listen to other great speakers on digital insights, trends, and key digital business lessons.

Apex Digital Business Legacy Experience: This course level is the highest and retails at $19,997. The pricing attracts only the most dynamic, talented and ambitious digital entrepreneurs. AT this level you’ll be dealing with hedge fund and asset management gurus.

Digital altitude

The Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

There are income streams totalling sixty. Nineteen of the income streams are residual.
• Aspire Level
You get 40% in commission, one-tier pay out for the $37You get 60% commission on three-tiers of pay out for the $67.That’s $17-41 monthly for every referral you bring.
• Base LevelYou get 60% commission on three-tiers amounting to $240 for each sale.You get 40% commission totalling $160) (If you get help to close the sale)
• Rise.You get 60% commission on three-tiers, which amounts to $899 for each sale40% commission over three tiers, or $600. (If Life Coach helps close the sale)
• Ascend LevelYou get either 60% or 40%, similar to Rise level. This totals about $4250 or 1900 for each sale.
• Peak LevelYou get either 60% or 40%. The totals are $7,200 or $4,800, over three-tiers.
• Apex levelYou get either 60% or 40%. You generate $12,000 or $8000, over three-tiers.

Digital Altitude Add-On Products.

There are three different add-on products that you can buy. First, there is the Guru You, a set of software tools that deal with brand management and content creation for social media. Secondly, you have the Inbound, which is a web-based service that generates clickable content for $15-1500 a month. Thirdly, there is the Traffic 7 Funnel Products which helps you monetize your email list. There are 12 different products in this category.

Conclusion On Digital Altitude

Juts like most multi-level-marketing platforms, you have to think ahead and take into account the costs, skills needed and the reasonable time length it takes to monetize your products. The biggest beneficiaries are those who are actually sold out to digital entrepreneurship. Even then you can’t rule yourself out entirely if you haven’t tried it.

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