Aspire Digital Altitude Business System Reviewed – Is ASPIRE A Scam?

Aspire Digital Altitude Business System

Digital Altitude Aspire Digital Altitude is a online marketing firm founded by a former Marine, Michael Force. It works as an online training course for digital entrepreneurs. Going by our Aspire Digital Altitude review, the course is designed to improve your range of online marketing skills through tools, mentorship, coaching, and training.
The products offered by Aspire Digital Altitude have mountainous terminologies like Base, Ascend, Peak, Rise, and Apex. The course is structured to ensure that you’ve become a guru by the time you hit the ‘Apex’ category. The multi-level marketing segment of the business allows the members to get direct income by referring friends to the training programs.
The payments range from a few dollars at the base level to about $10,000-12,000 at the Apex level. In the process of closing deals a more experienced person, usually, your coach can help you at a percentage of your commission. The business systems work globally and it’s mostly it’s predicated on your ability to drive traffic.

Digital Altitude Products

The Digital altitude program, has distributed its products across different levels on the virtual mountain that you have to climb. Their products include:

Aspire, Digital Business Sales System: This level costs between $37-67. Being the entry level, it provides you with personal coaches, networking, and live chat with other members. There is also back-end products, training videos, payroll services, and live support.

Base, Digital Business Mastery Course: This level costs from $397. At this level, you’ll learn how to set up business systems, build a brand, and manage financial projections. It has the practical components of how to set up and manage business systems and many other skills rarely taught in business schools.

Rise Digital Marketing Mastery Course: This level costs about $1,497. The Rise level deals with business systems unique to digital entrepreneurship and growth. You’ll learn how some of the systems needed to run a digital business are radically different from how you sue them to run brick and mortar firms.

Ascend Digital Business Profit Workshop: This course goes for $6,997. If you join at this level, then you are entitled to a 3-day course taking place in Las Vegas. The course is taught by Michael Force and includes insights, Q&As, and training from other world business leaders.

Peak Business Prosper Retreat: This course level costs $11,997. Joining at the peak level entitles you to a 5-day all-inclusive retreat for two where you get tutorship from Michael Force and listen to other great speakers on digital insights, trends, and key digital business lessons.

Apex Digital Business Legacy Experience: This course level is the highest and retails at $19,997. The pricing attracts only the most dynamic, talented and ambitious digital entrepreneurs. AT this level you’ll be dealing with hedge fund and asset management gurus.

Digital altitude

The Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

There are income streams totalling sixty. Nineteen of the income streams are residual.
• Aspire Level
You get 40% in commission, one-tier pay out for the $37You get 60% commission on three-tiers of pay out for the $67.That’s $17-41 monthly for every referral you bring.
• Base LevelYou get 60% commission on three-tiers amounting to $240 for each sale.You get 40% commission totalling $160) (If you get help to close the sale)
• Rise.You get 60% commission on three-tiers, which amounts to $899 for each sale40% commission over three tiers, or $600. (If Life Coach helps close the sale)
• Ascend LevelYou get either 60% or 40%, similar to Rise level. This totals about $4250 or 1900 for each sale.
• Peak LevelYou get either 60% or 40%. The totals are $7,200 or $4,800, over three-tiers.
• Apex levelYou get either 60% or 40%. You generate $12,000 or $8000, over three-tiers.

Digital Altitude Add-On Products.

There are three different add-on products that you can buy. First, there is the Guru You, a set of software tools that deal with brand management and content creation for social media. Secondly, you have the Inbound, which is a web-based service that generates clickable content for $15-1500 a month. Thirdly, there is the Traffic 7 Funnel Products which helps you monetize your email list. There are 12 different products in this category.

Conclusion On Digital Altitude

Juts like most multi-level-marketing platforms, you have to think ahead and take into account the costs, skills needed and the reasonable time length it takes to monetize your products. The biggest beneficiaries are those who are actually sold out to digital entrepreneurship. Even then you can’t rule yourself out entirely if you haven’t tried it.

Why are most entry-level marketing jobs scams?

As a newly graduate I’ve been in the process of looking for a job in my field.

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Problem: YouTube and Vimeo are great to search and share videos.

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[UPDATE] How Do I Tell A Potential Employer Their Website and Branding Suck?

Thanks for all of your advice in this post.

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Traffic Generator Pro Reviews – Will It Help You?

Traffic Generator ProIf you are doing your research on “TGP” Traffic Generator Pro, you are most likely looking to learn exactly how you can improve your sponsoring in your home business by leveraging it. My guess is that prior to you finding Traffic Generator Pro… you have been relying on a list made up of your friends and family. Many home business owners usually start this way(friends and family), and soon find out that it is going to take “something else” to get you over that struggle of getting more sign up’s into your business. It’s no secret that you will eventually run out of people to talk to from that “list” and will be left at the crossroads of trying to figure out what to do next.

Well today you are going to learn exactly how Traffic Generator Pro can improve your sponsoring in your home based business starting today. You see despite what you might have been told, there is a better way to build your personal business by leveraging the internet and ending the frustrations of dealing with your friends and family rejecting your business offers. This isn’t a hype thing; this is a real way to turn the tide of how your Akea business has been going. With that said, lets get started.

How Can You Improve Your Sponsoring with Traffic Generator Pro?

You’ll learn how to reach large amounts of people online. This is all about the numbers, the more people you talk to, the better chance you have of sponsoring more people into your business. Now I know you are probably thinking to yourself “That’s it? I want to know the secrets!” Well there really isn’t a secret, but there is systems and tools that top earners have been leveraging to reach and endless amount of prospects. Traffic Generator Pro shows you how to do that.

What is the Traffic Generator Pro tool?

The Internet. People who are achieving massive success in their home based business opportunities by figuring out this game changing method. Let me ask you this, What would you personal business look like if you had 10-20 highly qualified people to talk to every single day? Do you think your sponsoring would improve? It sure would… and this is why you’ll want to take fast action with Traffic Generator Pro.

What if you could actually profit from the people who say NO to your business opportunity? You see this is “business”, wouldn’t it be smart to treat it like a real one in every single aspect daily. I know this might sound too good to be true, it did for me too. The honest truth is you are sick and tired of the results you have been getting, and it’s time for a change.

The best part is I’m going to help you. I’m going to help you learn how Traffic Generator Pro (a step by step blueprint) will help you to avoid all the headaches and frustration of doing it yourself.

Traffic Generator Pro Conclusion

Traffic Generator Pro provides you with you very own personal coach as well, who will pretty much take you by the hand and walk you through step to ensure your success with Traffic Generator Pro.

This means that you have nothing to lose but more to gin using the TGP system.

So Do You Have To Do To Get Access To This Blueprint And Start Achieving Success In Your Business?

All You Have To Do Is Click Here Now And You Will Get Immediate Access To A Free Video Explaining Everything.

Here’s what others are saying about Traffic Generator Pro:

traffic generator pro

Pure Profit Pro Reviews – Should You Join Pure Profit Pro?

Pure Profit ProYou’ve probably stumbled upon this business opportunity called the Pure Profit Pro and are wondering if this is something you should get involved in. Ask any internet marketer with 10+ years of experience, and they’ll tell you that something like Pure Profit Pro is a sure winning formula for those looking for legit work-at-home opportunities. Therefore, in this review, we shall cover the business opportunity and products involved.

Pure Profit Pro review

Let’s say this is a lucrative money-making opportunity involving digital product downloads and nothing much. It has also been crafted with sound marketing education to guarantee success for every internet marketer who chooses to follow the blueprint.

For a long time, lead generation was reserved to the top notch internet marketing executives. Today, these closely guarded secrets have began finding their way to the masses. PPP has a number of lead generation secrets and strategies that have been proven to work.

The self development education program was created to eliminate self doubt and complacency. If you have these, then it doesn’t matter how many leads you generate!

How people make money with the Pure Profit Pro

The good thing is that you’re going to earn 100% commission on direct payments. However, there’s still a one-time admin fee that PPP team will require you to pay. That’s how PPP makes their dollar anyway, and it’s straight-forward — they are helping you succeed.

This is a case of a direct sale but with a clever twist. The first sale you make is passed to your sponsor. Once that is done, you are a qualified member who is entitled to earn. What is more, all peeps down the line will owe you their first sale.

This can be a very good residual income stream because you don’t have to do anything else to earn a sale from one or two of your reps.

Pure Profit Pro has 3 product lines. They are as follows:

Pure Profit Pro

(a) Pure Profit 1

In this video series program, you will earn $250. You’ll learn tips on Facebook traffic, list building, internet marketing in an hour and personal growth.

(b) Pure Profit 2

You’re going to earn a tidy $500 on this audio series program. In this section, you’ll learn leadership, mindset, law of attraction, closing strategies and so on.

(c) Pure Profit 3

This is the massive video library which gets you pocketing a whooping $1,000. You will be taught the core things that drive one into becoming a successful internet marketer. You’ll have the right mindset, motivation, technical skills and lead generation techniques. This automatically makes you an expert in the field.

Again, you must not worry, why? Because you don’t need to learn everything to start earning a coin. Just drive traffic, and then follow up before closing. A big part of this work can be outsourced when you make use of the connect-the-dots strategy which you’re going to be taught.

Pure Profit Pro content highlight

You’ll work with a special checklist that guides you on how to use capture pages, built-in auto responder (you don’t need Aweber), sales videos that do the hard work for you, etc.


This amazing program is owned by a man called Johnathan Bain. He is also the brain child behind this big ticket program called Tidom — which has reportedly made some marketers wealthy. If you go through Pure Profit Pro reviews online, you realize that many people think PPP was created to help people with limited budget start a successful home-based business. Therefore, this is something you can participate in, whether on a part time or full time basis. It will surely earn you some money.

Mlm Home Based Business Success Tricks – Do You Have What It Takes?

I know the list of things to do may already appear overwhelming for some of you beginning your network marketing professions, but remember that nobody stated it would be easy. Well, they may have said it, however they were lying. Success will not happen overnight; though it does come faster to some than others. It behooves you to have as many MLM training tools in your toolbox as possible. Blogging is terrific method for you to provide your leads with important mlm suggestions and help develop yourself as a leader. Depending on your style of composing, your leads can likewise learn more about you, and see how your mind works. This helps to develop their rely on you.

If you have actually read some of my other posts, you may remember I have actually discussed this in my blog post titled “4 Proven Tips For Beginning A Home Based Business”

Nu skin stock is publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange, this in itself shows why Nu skin is one of the premiere companies in network marketing.

If you take a look at the top earners in any business they are where they are since of these 2 easy steps I will share with you. While the majority of are still pitching their multi level Network Marketing opportunity to anyone with a pulse I will teach you how to stand out from the crowd. This will need you to welcome the world of Network Marketing online. So let’s dive into this.

How do you tackle “branding” yourself? It’s not as frightening or challenging as it might seem. Branding yourself is just connecting to others value you need to offer. What does this mean for your Network Marketing Online business? This implies you now have the capability to develop your very own leads by just promoting yourself and your value. Tell others what you know, show others your success and how they can be successful too!

“I now have the individual flexibility of time to be with my household and take pleasure in monetary success even during the hard economic times in Russia!” Leonid L.

Tourist attraction marketing leads are the most competent leads you’ll ever discover because they are pre-informed about you and your business. That is they have already fulfilled you and most of the times already know about your network marketing business chance prior to they ever speak straight to you.

Why Your Potential customers May Not Be Listening To You

not_listeningSo lately you may have been talking with a bunch of different people in various MLM companies. One major problem you may hear discussed is this, numerous network marketers are saying, “my prospects simply are n’tlistening to me.” This is certainly something that can be frustrating so I chose to publish this to shine some light on why this happens, and how you can avoid it.

When you initially start in your network marketing company you are pumped, delighted, and prepared to go out and tell everyone you personally know about your new business. It is excellent to feel this way, however sometimes it can backfire. Let me offer you an example.

Let’s say your talking to someone on your “list” and you are going on about how fantastic the company is, the compensation strategy, and how simple it will be when they sign up with. Then they give you the “I need to consider it” response, which generally indicates I’m not interested. The reason for this response is because of something. You are informing that person why you got started instead of in fact listening to them.

Prospecting is merely a procedure of asking crucial concerns to find out the individuals requires, desires, and desires. Now your enjoyment needs to be shown but the supreme function of the conversation is to learn what is truly important to that individual.

If they are even open to something, your very first couple of concerns need to always identify. This will not just conserve you time but will result in the next very crucial question. Lets state your prospect “Bob” says he is open to looking at something. Instead of striking him with a “Great, this company is the very best, we are going to be millionaires in 6 weeks”, ask him … “Just curious, why are you open?” And simply await his response. Exactly what this does is lets you know precisely what is driving him to joining. It might be to save for his kids college fund, or he may have just lost his task, whatever it might be, you now understand exactly what is crucial to him.

Now that you know this, you can show him how your business can lead him to achieving his needs, wants, and desires.

When you are out there prospecting, remember to listen and ask questions. This will absolutely increase your capability to sponsor more representatives into your company.

Let’s say your talking to somebody on your “list” and you are going on about how great the business is, the compensation plan, and how simple it will be when they sign up with. Your very first few concerns must constantly identify if they are even open to something. Lets state your prospect “Bob” states he is open to looking at something. It may be to save for his kids college fund, or he may have simply lost his job, whatever it may be, you now understand what is most crucial to him.

Hope you enjoyed the read and hope this valuable tip will help better your business.

To your success and God bless!

Kyani Reviews – A detailed review

Kyani ImageEveryday entrepreneurs come up with new business ventures (such as Kyani, Isagenix, Le-Vel etc…) that can be run from the comfort of one’s home or a corporate office. Over the years, you may have been approached by a family member or friend or work colleague who has pitched the Kyani business opportunity to you… or just maybe they told you about their products etc. Now if you are looking into Kyani to see if it is a good fit for you but are not sure if you should join… Then you are in the right place! 🙂

Here’s why…

Because what you are about to learn here in my Kyani review may surprise you.

There’s a chance that not many people are will to share the inside scoop on this company. Now before I begin, I want to let you know that this is a third party review on Kyani, I am not in any way affiliated with the company (so my review is completely unbiased).

In this article, I am going to review about Kyani, a multilevel marketing company. My Kyani review is an opinion based on the research conducted.

What is Kyani?

This is a multi level marketing company that was founded in December 2005 in Idaho falls, Idaho. The company was relaunched and taken public back in 2007 when the co-founders and investors felt they shared a bigger vision. The co-founders are Dick Powell, Gayle Powell, Kirk Hansen and Carl Taylor.

The vision was simple – to improve the health as well as offer an income generating opportunity to everyday consumers. The company has invested over $150 million therefore making the company one of the fastest growing network marketing contenders in decades. This has made them to be considered as heavy weights in multi-level marketing business in the coming years.

The company manufactures health and wellness supplements which are sold through direct retailing ad network of registered distributors. This makes the company to be involved in multi-level marketing where different affiliates get to earn money marketing the products.

People either sell the products to other consumers at a profit or earn a commission after converting customers into new distributors. Until today, the company’s products have been well received by consumers.

Kyani Products and ingredients


The company offers different products which are formulated from different ingredients. Some of the ingredients are said to be exotic like blueberries which are imported from Alaska. This may justify the pricing of the products. Their products include:

1. Kyani Sunset

This is a health product that is said to be a catalyst for absorption of nutrients and it contains vitamins, minerals and omega 3s. These are essential for the growth, development as well as the improved immunity of one’s body. This product main ingredient is salmon therefore the abundance of minerals and vitamins.

2. Kyani Sunrise

This product is said to be a mixture of various health foods that contribute minerals and vitamins vital for the body. The main ingredient used in the product is blueberries which are said to be imported from Alaska.

3. Kyani Nitro

According to Kyani review, the product is made from nitric oxide which helps to ensure proper repair of body cells as well as fending off pathogens known to cause various illness and disease.

4. Kyani Nitro Xtreme

The product is said to contain more ingredients than the original Nitro. It has been said to produce quicker results that other products.

Getting Started with the program

The company promises affiliates a revolutionary earning opportunity where one can make money from the comfort of their home. The company and its products promise a great beginning and much more. Unmatched car programs, exotic retreats and lucrative compensation plans are some of the offers that Kyani promises. All you need to do is join the distributors program and start earning more health, more wealth and more life. Consumers and affiliates have a chance of purchasing different combos with prices ranging between $299 to $999.

Kyani Compensation Plan

According to Kyani reviews, the lucrative compensation plan offered is an unparalled breakthrough in the multi level marketing industry thanks to its earning potential. This is according to the company. The company also promises more benefits with no volume blockage, no cut offs and break away restrictions. The affiliate is the only person who can limit themselves.

The program works on a 3 by 7 forced matrix that is you start by recruiting three separate distributors and you continue to do so until you have accomplished the 7 levels. This translates to around 2000 separate distributors. To start, one is required to pay at least $125 worth of their products on a regular basis. The distributor will get to earn 3.5 percent of sales when at the top of the matrix for all levels and 10 percent for all personal sales.

Is it a scam or legit way of doing business?

In my opinion, I would say no as the company has disclosed on its website that their products are not a cure. Ultimately, the company can be said not be a pyramid scheme as it sells real products. All in all, experiences differ between every user and I am not encouraging you to join. Research on your own to find more about the company. Talk with people who may have experience with their products before starting.